Beyond HTML: HTTP Servers

Most folks need not run a server. Who should? Anyone who wants:

  • Interaction -- forms, imagemaps, isindex
  • A way to save usage statistics (e.g. wusage for graphics, wwwstat for gobs of ASCII tables (see also graphic wwwstat), and getstats for ASCII bar graphs)
  • Lots of local storage on the Web (if AFS is not enough)
  • Special Purpose Interaction (e.g. CMU CS White Pages, Live TV, or standard script interfaces)
  • UNIX HTTPD has a simple shell interface, it's easy to write cgi-bin programs

    	echo "Content-type: text/html"
    	echo ""
    	echo '<strong> Your parameters are '$*' </strong>'

    Several versions (and a comparision) are available, but Apache is recommended

    Netscape's server is available free to educational sites.

    Set up your own server and read some tutorials for details on specific services

    Make sure you read about Running a WWW Service too!

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