I am not a movie theater

It all started innocently enough. A university friend was sitting in his French class, the teacher going around the room asking questions, and when it was his turn he responded Je ne suis pas un cinéma. What can I say, the phrase took on a life of its own, and we decided to learn it in as many languages as possible.

The best followup story comes from a Spanish colleague. Back in Spain during a vacation, he found himself doing touristy things. He was wearing jeans and sneakers one day (not your typical Spanish attire), when a French couple walked up to him and asked (in French) if he spoke French. Un peu, he replied ("a little bit"); but of course he didn't really speak French. They talk at him for a couple minutes, he nods appreciatively, and finally they stop talking, point at a map and look at him expectantly. At which point he utters these immortal words....

Translations in several languages (send me more!):

Afrikaans Ek is nie 'n bioskoop nie.
Brazilian Portuguese Eu no sou um cinema.
Dutch Ik ben geen filmzaal.
English I am not a movie theater.
Esperanto Mi ne estas kinejo.
Finnish En ole elokuvateatteri.
French Je ne suis pas un cinéma.
German Ich bin kein kino.
Hebrew Ani lo kolno'a
Hindi Ma cinema na hiha.
Hungarian Nem vagyok mozi.
Indonesian Gue bukan bioskop.
Irish Ní pictiúrlann mé
Japanese Ore wa eigakan ja nai yo.
Karo (Indonesian dialect) Labo aku ingan ndedah.
Lao Khoi baw pen seenemar
Latin Theatrum mobilitum picturae non sum.
Mandarin Wŏ bz shl di`nymngyuăn
Portuguese Não sou um cinema.
Russian      Ya ni kinoteatr.     
Spanish Yo no soy un cine.
Swedish Jag är inte en biograf.
Tagalog (Filipino) Hindi ako cinehan.
Welsh Dydw i ddim sinema.

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