CS 15-895: Privacy Research Seminar

Spring 2011

Lectures Readings


Jeannette Wing
Office: GHC 7019
Phone: x8-3068
Email: wing@cs.cmu.edu

Course Secretary

Diana Hyde
Office: GHC 7021
Phone: x8-1156
Email: dhyde@cs.cmu.edu


We have reserved Wean Hall 5312 from 3:00-4:20 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays to meet. However, we will not always meet twice a week; expect to meet on average one day a week throughout the semester.


This course will be a series of technical lectures on privacy, especially in the context of cyberspace. They will be given by faculty across the university, from almost all units in the School of Computer Science to the Heinz College to the College of Humanities and Social Sciences and beyond. Faculty will present their recent research results as well as present research problems for potential thesis topics. We will be looking for potential synergistic activities and collaborative research opportunities based on the breadth and diversity of our perspectives of privacy. The course should be appropriate for graduate students in all areas and for advanced undergraduates.


Grading will be based on attendance, participation in discussions, and reading assignments. For registered students, attendance is mandatory.

Topics to be Covered

We will look at technical capabilities and limitations that address the following kinds of questions. We will look at new challenges to privacy that arise because of new technologies such as Big Data, mobile phones, and social networks. We will look at all these aspects from technical, societal, cultural, legal, ethical, philosophical and economic viewpoints.

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