Todd M. Jochem


Ph.D. in Robotics, The Robotics Institute, Carnegie Mellon University, January, 1996
Master of Science in Robotics, Carnegie Mellon University May, 1993
Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Computer Technology, Indiana State University May, 1990

Research Interests

Using virtual active vision techniques for autonomous navigation. In my reseach, virtual active vision is used to apply a geometric model to enhance neural network performance in autonomous navigation tasks. All of this is described in my thesis.

Current Activities

Dean Pomerleau and I drove across America in our testbed vehicle, the Navlab 5. What makes the trip special is that a computer program called RALPH did most of the driving. For more info on our trip, check out the "No Hands Across America" home page.

For more information on the background of CMU robotics driving vehicles, check out the Navlab Project home page.

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