Records of Declan McCullagh's arrest for domestic violence

Scanned page 1 of the report. The narrative reads:

Officer's Haven and Hammond-Schrock answered a domestic call at the above address. We met R.P. Yang and Witness Gardy on the front porch. They said they heard several booms and then a bang which they felt was someone falling down steps. When they went upstairs to investigate they heard a female

Scanned page 2 of the report. The narrative reads:

say "Let me go you're choking me." We went to the front door and was let in by the victim Donna Riley. Riley said her boyfriend, Declan McCullagh was angry with her for not meeting him when she said she would. After arguing for some time victim said she was leaving and taking her things with her. McCullagh said no. Riley went upstairs and got her things. They argued some more and while at the top of the stairs, McCullagh pushed Riley down the stairs. Riley said she started screaming and McCullagh came from behind her while she was still on the ground and covered her mouth to stop her screaming. That is when Yang and Gardy came to the door. We observed scratches to both of Riley's arms. Riley also

Scanned page 3 of the report. The narrative reads:

had a brush burn from the fall on the carpet on her right cheek. Riley and McCullagh have been residing together.

Here is the judgement from Domestic Violence Court (City of Pittsburgh Court). The red highlighting was added, and the judgement inside reads:

Guilty plea Summary Harassment. 90 day in jail suspended subject to further contact between defendant and victim. $200 fine plus costs. 60 days to illegible