Religious issues for gays and lesbians

  • An article from the Arizona Daily Star looking at various religions and how they are split over the issues of ordination and gay acceptance.
  • Religion and same-sex unions
  • Scarlet Q pages, regarding the heresy trial of Episcopol Bishop Righer
  • In John Boswell's last book, he makes a historic case for same-sex unions. He argues that stories and liturgies in early catholicism up to the middle ages sanctified same-sex unions. One story, quoted often in the liturgies, is the story of Saints Serge and Baccus, a story about the romantic love of these two men.
  • What was described as Just another Jesus for Gays page.
  • Evangelical Anglican Church in America page -- a church with an emphasis on g/l/b/t issues
  • Bridges Across The thesis of the Bridges-Across Project is that it is not necessary for people to agree on debates about disputed biblical passages. What Bridges-Across preaches is that it is necessary for church members to come together as family. Because Bridges-Across is for people of all faiths, and without faith, we are not saying that everyone should come to Christ. Elizabeth Town, PA website from Bridges Across.
  • Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement
  • Judaism and Jewish Resources and Gay Jews mailing list

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