Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Civil Rights and Liberties

  • A legal article on whether sexual orientation should be considered a suspect classification for equal protection consideration.
  • The 1992 National Republican Party Platform.
  • A January 30, 1993 article in the NY Times chronicles the surprise within the gay/lesbian/bisexual community over the political turmoil surrounding them. The article urges that the gay/lesbian/bisexual community should wakeup.
  • An article of the April 1994 Life Advocate discusses gays and lesbians marching in the March for Life
  • Marvin Liebman is an influential member of anti-Communist and early Conservative movements. In this column, he finally admits what has happened to his movement.
  • Colorado and other states seeking to limit gay and lesbian rights

  • Transcript of National Public Radio Broadcast after Springfield, Oregon became the first municipality to pass a referendum prohibiting legislation guaranteeing gays, lesbians and bisexuals civil rights.
  • A group in Idaho launches a campaign to keep an anti-gay/lesbian/bisexual rights amendment off the state ballot as hate crimes against gays and lesbians increase in the state.
  • Sometimes flying through Denver, a major airline hub, is inevitable. However, if you support the boycott, there are dangers in expressing that belief. This is an April 30 story about a woman who supported the boycott but had to fly through Denver.
  • Paula Poundstone discusses in her Mother Jones column what action she took when she had to perform in Colorado.
  • Same sex marriages

  • Hawaiian same-sex marriage precedent
  • Press releases related to the Hawaii case, including profiles of the plaintiffs.
  • Baehr v. Lewin: Will Equal Protection Lead to the End of Prohibitions on Same-Sex Marriages?
  • A (Personal) Essay on Same-Sex Marriage by Barbara J. Cox
  • National Journal of Sexual Orientation Law

    The Journal's primary purpose is to disseminate information and ideas about law and sexual orientation in an efficient and timely manner. In addition to traditional scholarship the Journal will include a substantial proportion of essays, summaries and transcripts of oral presentations, surveys and student work. Also, our editorial process will be abbreviated. Though we plan to become a respected source of information, our primary goal is to be useful to the gay and lesbian legal community and the gay and lesbian community at large: to do that we need to have a quick turn-around time and be open to submissions of all types.

    By virtue of being available on-line, subscription to the Journal is free. Individuals can subscribe themselves by sending the following message (replacing the bracketed phrases with the appropriate information) to

    subscribe gaylaw [YOUR FIRST NAME] [YOUR LAST NAME]

    Table of Contents and pointers to articles

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