The Code of the Geeks

version 0.3

Suggestions welcome.

Robert A. Hayden:

So you think you are a geek, eh? The first step is to admit to yourself your geekiness. No matter what anyone says, geeks are people too; geeks have rights. So take a deep breath and announce to the world that you are a geek. Your courage will give you strength that will last you forever.

How to tell the world you are a geek, you ask? Use the universal Geek code. By joining the geek organization, you have license to use this special code that will allow you to let other un-closeted geeks know who you are in a simple, codified statement.



Geeks come in many flavors. The flavors relate to the vocation of the particular geek. To start a code, a geek must declare himself or herself to be a geek. To do this, we start the code with a "G" to denote "GEEK", followed by one or two letters to denote the geeks occupation. Multi-talented geeks with more than one vocation should denote their myriad of talents with a slash between each vocation (example: GCS/MU/T).



Geeks come in many different types of dress.



Just as the Geek's sense of fashion is varied, so is his/her political convictions.



Most geeks identify themselves by their use of computers and computer networks. In order to quantify your geekiness level on computers, consult the following (consider the term 'computers' synonymous with 'computer network'):



Linux is a hacker-written computer language virtually identical to unix. It runs on your standard 386/486 PC computers and offers multitasking support far superior to DOS. Because it is still a young OS, and because it is continually evolving from hacker changes and support, it is important that the geek list his Linux ability.



Musical interests vary widely, also.



Geeks come in many shapes and sizes. Shape code is divided into two parts. The first indicates height, while the second indicates roundness. Mix each section to fit yourself. Examples include: s/++, s++/, s++/--.



Geeks have traditionally worn glasses.



Geeks have a seemingly natural knack for being "weird". Of course, this is a subjective term as one person's weirdness is another person's normalness. As a general rule, the following weird qualifiers allow a geek to rate their weirdness.


Star Trek:

Most geeks have an undeniable love for the Star Trek television (in any of its three forms). Because GEEK is often synonymous with TREKKIE, it is important that all geeks list their Trek rating.


Role Playing:

Role-playing games such as Dungeons & Dragons have long been a part of the traditional geek life. Because geeks often become so involved in their role-playing that they lose touch with reality, include one of the following role-playing codes.


Sex: (optional)

Geeks have traditionally had problems with sex (ie, they never have any). Because geeks are so wrapped up in their sexuality (or lack of sexuality for that matter), it is important that the geek be willing to quantify their sexual experiences.

** This code is optional due to the fact that some people might consider it uncomfortable.


The following geeks have come out of the closet to become an officially registered Geek. If you wish to register, just mail your Geek code and real name to the author.

Name			Code (version 0.3) 
----------------------	------------------------------------------------- 
Robert A. Hayden	GSS d- p--/-p+ c++ l++ m+/* s-/++ g+ w++ t++ r++ x+ 

Name			Code (version 0.2 --  Have not upgraded yet)
----------------------	--------------------------------------------------
Derek W. Broughten	GCS d+/d-- -p+ c++ m+ s/+ !g w+ x+
Darryl Farr		GCS/S/M/O  d*/d-- p++/-p+ c++ m++ s+/s+++ g+ w++ !x
Anders Goransson	GE/M d++ -p+ c+ m+++ s !g w x+
Stephanie Lehr		GU d-- -p+ c+ m--- s/+ g+ w+++ x+/++
Andrew E. Marold	GCS d++/d-- -p+ c++ m++/m* s+/- g- w++ x+
Elaine May 		GCS d-- p- c++ m- s+/++ g+ w+ x+
Dawn Throener		GSS d -p+ c+ m+ s/- g+ w+ !x
The Geek Code is copyright 1993 by Robert A. Hayden. All rights reserved. You are free to distribute this code in electronic format provided that the contents are unchanged and this copyright notice remains attached.