Coming Out

  • In April of 1993, the comic strip For Better or For Worse devoted itself to telling the story of Lawrence coming out to his friends and parents. The strip was pulled from a number of papers, including a paper in Ligonier, because of the topic of the strip. These strips may also be viewed as gif files.
  • Kennywood Park has a history of discriminating against Pittsburgh's gay, lesbian and bisexual community. In 1992, the Human Relations Commission issued a report concerning Carnegie Mellon's annual picnic at the park. Although the report found that Kennywood does not live up to the ideals of Carnegie Mellon's Statement of Assurance, the picnic has been allowed to occur at the park. I wrote a letter to staff council concerning why this issue is important to the gay, lesbian and bisexual community of Carnegie Mellon.

    Because of Carnegie Mellon's mediation efforts, Kennywood President Harry Henniger announced in December of 1993 that Kennywood Park would no longer discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation.

  • The issue of gays and lesbians in the Military has much to do with the importance of coming out. Eric Marcus writes in the July 5 issue of Newsweek he and his family's experience with their own if Grandma don't ask, don't tell Grandma.
  • Portrayals of gays and lesbians in the movies are always interesting. One of the best portrayals, in my opinion, comes from the movie Four Weddings and a Funeral, where a gay couple is presented with absolutely no fanfare, but simply as a couple. This is the poem read at the funeral of one of the gay men.
  • P.E.R.S.O.N. Project a project for gay youth and education activism
  • Parents Friends and Families of Gays and Lesbians National website, and PFLAG Talk and TGS PFLAG Website

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