Freeware by Mark Maimone

Web Pages and Presentations

Web Tutorial Slides
A quick introduction to the Web! Read through the pages at your leisure (following any links that look interesting), or use them as slides for a one-hour Web Introduction talk. Give the talk live, then let your viewers read the slides again at their leisure!
Computer Vision
A list of pointers to Computer Vision resources on the Internet. This is the most popular research page being served by CMU's Computer Science Web server!
Mark Maimone's Home Page
Check out the latest Space-related pointers on the Web! Also contains a bunch of Web Weaving pointers.
Rayshade imagery and local guide (CMU IUS Suns only)
Check out some sample images generated by the Rayshade ray-tracer! View them as JPEG's, RLE (Utah Raster Toolkit 24bit) images, or in their original text-based description language.
Calibrated Imaging Lab
Find out what's going on in our Physics-Based Vision Laboratory.
Stereo Image Datasets with Ground Truth
Free access to several sets of images, with camera and lens calibration parameters and X-Y-Z locations of several scene points.
Hand-on Science Centers Worldwide
Looking for a good place to visit while travelling? Check this list of science museums that encourage interactive science education.
The Death of Skibo
The oft-maligned CMU Student Center has finally bitten the dust. Take pleasure in its demise via this time-lapsed sequence of images.
How to Get an Email Account (1992, PostScript format)
Seven page article describing modems, terminals, CompuServe, ATTmail and the like. Intended for novices, but somewhat outdated.
(BINARY) Introduction to Rayshade slides (in LaTeX)
The slides from an introduction to Rayshade and the Utah Raster Toolkit talk given in 1992. Currently only available in LaTeX format.

Source Code

  • UNC - Uuencoded Netnews Collator ((BINARY) tar file also available)
  • F2c - Fortran 77 to C or C++ Translator
  • (BINARY) TRN v2.2 Typo Patch
  • (BINARY) Rayshade 4.0.6 Z-buffer patch and (BINARY) documentation
  • (BINARY) Email Digest Code
  • (BINARY) Weather Forecast hilighter
  • Miró Project source code