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Joan Maddamma (
Administrative Associate, Computer Science
7121 Wean Hall
FAX: 412.268.5574
Mailing address:
CMU School of Computer Science
5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213-3891 USA
REAL TIME/MULTIMEDIA LAB Administrative Associate:
For subscriptions/licenses send mail to
Distributor for:
ART Toolset, Scheduler 1-2-3, RT-Mach
Support to:
Prof. Seth Copen Goldstein..(Reconfigurable Computing)
Dr. Ragunathan Rajkumar.(Real-Time Multimedia)
Prof. John Lehoczky ....(ART)
Dr. Hide Tokuda........(LOA ... Now at Keio U.)
Dr. Masaru Tomita......(LOA ... Now at Keio U.)
1528 Bevan Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15227
Phone: (412) 881-7729

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