Pittsburgh Weather Information


Pittsburgh Weather:

  • Conditions and Extended Forecast.
  • Same information from Andrew, Purdue and UMich.
  • Graphical forecast from Intellicast, The Weather Channel and NOAA's NetCast
  • Short Term Forecast
  • Current conditions across Pennsylvania
  • Surface analysis, satellite, and forecast images:

  • Surface Analysis and Radar Summary for US
  • Radar Summary for Pennsylvania
  • US IR/Radar Composite Image
  • Forecast Maps and Models including:
  • MOS forecast - current 24, 36, 48, 60 hour forecasts.
  • NGM forecast model - current 4-panel (12,24,36,48 hour) forecasts.
  • ETA forecast model - current 4-panel (12,24,36,48 hour) forecasts.
  • Interpreting surface analysis, MOS, NGM and ETA images.
  • Information on date & time labels.
  • Additional images, and animations:

  • Weather maps/movies (from MSU)
  • Weather World satellite, surface, and forecast maps.
  • University of Michigan WeatherNet
  • More information:

    The Pittsburgh area weather listings are selected from the collection of weather information at the University of Illinois Weather Machine and Weather World servers, NBC News Intellicast, The Weather Channel, and the Purdue University Weather Processor. Also available is the Old Farmers Almanac's Annual and Monthly Weather Summary.

    For information on other cities, you can select a location on this interactive map, from this list or fill out the form below (courtesy of NOAA).

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