Assignment for 05-830, User Interface Software, Spring, 1997.

Text Edit Benchmark Description

Matthew J. Tarpy
Chien-Hao Chen


This is a simple text editor with which users may open one document to edit. The interface styles include menus, dialogue boxes, and shortcuts (function keys and tool-bars). This benchmark is representative of the interfaces found in such programs as Notepad and Wordpad (Windows 95 and NT 4.0), xemacs (UNIX), In addition to this, we feel that this benchmark is indicative of most routine text editing tasks.

The main thing that makes this benchmark not just be the editor that might come built-in with the toolkit is the requirement that selected text can be dragged to the toolbar to change the formatting, as described below. The intention is to see if customized editing manipulations can be easily added to the built-in facilities.

Detailed Description

From a general perspective, we wish to implement an editor that has the general ``look and feel'' of the underlying operating system and toolkit in which the toolkit was implemented.