Assignment for 05-830, User Interface Software, Spring, 1997.

Multimedia Interactive Navigation and Information Program Benchmark

Matthew Centuri&oacuten

1. Introduction

The benchmark described in this paper is an interactive navigation and information program, using multimedia to convey information to the user. The style is that of multimedia interfaces in which the user asks to see information. In this benchmark the user is also able to store information in the form of notes as a way of tracking progress or reminders. It is representative of almost any multimedia-based content program such as encyclopedias and dictionaries ("Encarta", "Bookshelf") and some games. The interface this benchmark more closely represents is that of publicly accessible Kiosks that transmit information of an exhibit, personnel, and even location/navigation in museums, corporate offices, and malls, to name a few. Specifically, the benchmark described below is a Kiosk for a commercial establishment that provides navigation and store information to the public.

Incorporating the various types of media and designing the interface in such a way as to be the opposite of intimidating to a novice user is what programs of this style attempt to do. Sometimes even gratuitous eye-candy has to be added to entice a user who would normally not require the use of this kind of program. This benchmark tries to incorporate all these components to some degree and to put the various toolkits to the test to see if they can handle it.

2. Description

2.1 Login Window

2.2 Main Window

2.2.1 Function Palette
2.2.2 Map
2.2.3 Notes Box