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Please send me any corrections. If you know of a tool which should be included, please send me mail. Also, if a tool has a WWW page not linked, please send me a pointer.

We need your Comments on UI Tools

I would like to start collecting and linking in comments and reviews, both good and bad, of the tools in the list. Please send me your comments on the tools you are using, or have evaluated.  If you would prefer instead to write a comparison review of a set of tools, please email that to me as well.

Reviews and comments can be submitted to bam at .

See the Reviews submitted so far.

How to submit your new review:

If you would like to register your review or comments about a tool in this list, please fill in the form below, or email me a plaintext or html copy of the page.  All reviews should include:

How to Submit Reviews from Magazines:

I would also be interested in including references to reviews from accredited magazines, such as PCWorld, MacWorld, etc. Please send me complete citations for where the review appeared and for which tool.

If the vendors or magazine writers are willing to type in the review, and get official permission to link it with the tools page, please send me an html or plaintext version of the review, including the complete citation information for where it originally appeared, and I will include the actual review.

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