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CIMP Images

CIMP on a scaffold at Northwest

Here we are at Northwest Airline's maintenance facility in St. Paul MN - impressive, isn't it!

A faraway overhead shot of CIMP

CIMP takes up most of the space in our lab - here it looks lost!

Closeup view of our ministereocam

This is a closeup view of our custom-designed (by Gregg Podnar) stereocamera - its main feature is the ability to translate the CCDs left or right behind the lenses to ensure true stereo geometry. This eliminates the need for camera convergence and the resultant overlapping trapezoidal images (only part of which are usable for stereo viewing) which are unpleasant to look at. Our images (with parallel cameras) are very comfortable to view even for long periods.

Closeup shot of CIMP's sensor pod

Here's a closeup of CIMP's sensor pod containing two fixed floodlamps, one low-angle rotatable (by remote control) spotlight and a stereocamera.

ANDI Images

An early picture of ANDI

One of the earliest pictures of ANDI - just the bare necessities..

ANDI in late '92

From late '92 - ANDI on the CMRI test panel..

ANDI in early '93

By early 1993 we had most of ANDI's hardware and software in place.

ANDI in late '94

Here's another picture of ANDI at the AANC in late '94.

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