The UniCon Toolset

The first release of the UniCon Architecture Description Language Toolset is now available. The UniCon Toolset is distributed free of charge, however we ask that you sign a License Agreement to help us track our users and to prevent users from (re)distributing UniCon to unlicensed third parties.

You can obtain the UniCon Toolset distribution immediately using the link below. However, before obtaining the distribution, please read the License Agreement information below.

The License Agreement

You will first be asked to type in a License Agreement number before obtaining the distribution.

If this is not your first acquisition of the toolset, you should already have a License Agreement signed and in place. If you do not, then you must follow the instructions below as if this were your first acquisition. Type in your License Agreement number in the dialog box. It will be verified, and then you will be transferred to the Web Page from which you can obtain the UniCon Toolset.

If this is your first acquisition of the toolset, you will not have a License Agreement number, so simply place the cursor inside the dialog box and hit the Return key. You will be transferred to a Web Page that will ask you to fill in some contact information for you and your organization. If you are not a member of an organization, then fill in this page with your personal information. The Organization Name box is required, so just repeat your name there.

After filling in your contact information, you will be transferred to a Web Page from which you can obtain the toolset. The contact information will be e-mailed to the UniCon developers, who will then assign you a License Agreement number for the future.

IMPORTANT: The README file in the top level directory of the distribution describes how to fill-out, sign, and mail the License Agreement back to the UniCon developers. Please follow the instructions in this README file and mail us the signed License Agreement. The UniCon developers will sign it upon receipt, and then mail a copy of the completely signed agreement back to the contact in your organization. That copy will also contain the License Agreement number. This number can be used to obtain future UniCon Toolset distributions without having to go through the licensing procedure again.

The Distribution

The UniCon Architecture Language ToolSet

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