State Attribute: motor-link-eyes

Problem space: top-ps

This attribute allows the system to control eye movements.

Substructure of the attribute:

(<top-state> ^motor-link-eyes <ml>)
  (<ml> ^target-item << omi cdc >>
        ^target << attention page-left page-right >>
        ^target-x <num1>
        ^target-y <num2>
        ^delta-x <num3>
        ^delta-y <num4>)
Not all of these attributes are required. If the target item is not specified, the current target remains unchanged. If the target is attention or a page, all later attributes are ignored and the eyes are directed to the focus of attention or the corresponding page. Otherwise, the other values are checked, with the target values having precedence over the deltas. The numerical values are in terms of an object-centered coordinate system which depends on the current visual target.

Implementation of output function: SaccadeEyes in motor.c