Operator: new-task

Problem space: top-ps
Operator Overview:
Tasking operators are one type of PEACTIDM operators; as Allen describes them in Unified Theories of Cognition: "Tasking is the function of setting a task to be performed." (more)

Operator Proposal:
Tasking operator proposals are (almost) exclusively learned. The new-task operator is the a general purpose task setting operator; other specific operators exist but could (and probably should) be rewritten in terms of new-task.

The operator is proposed from the top-ps, follow-omi-procedure, read-cdc, and scan-step problem-spaces. (The proposal from the top problem space is only a simplified solution to returning to activity after a certain amount of wait time, but could be implemented by proposing the follow-omi-procedure operator instead.) The preferences from lower spaces are returned to the top by the production generic*ao*new-task, which appears in generic.soar6.

Operator Application:
The operator application causes the task to be switched. More details on tasks and task switching are available.

Operator Reconsider:
Performed when the task has been successfully switched.
Proposed in a number of places, but implemented generically in the file: generic.soar6