Operator: flip-page

Problem space: search-for-step
Operator Overview:
This operator returns a proposal for an appropriate intention operator. The possibilities are an eye-movement operator, which would move the eyes to the other open page, or a page flip operator, which would move the hand to flip a physical page.

Operator Proposal:
This operator is proposed when one is scanning forward for a step and is looking at the bottom of the page, and knows the page side. The operator is not proposed until the page side is known, so is often preceded by a find-pagenum operator.

Operator Application:
The operator application depends on the page side. If scanning forward and looking at the left page, propose an intention operator to look at the right page. If scanning forward and looking at the right page, propose flipping the page.

Operator Reconsider:
Impasse is resolved by the proposal of an operator.
Productions are in file: search-for-step.soar6