Operator: construct-step

Problem space: top-ps
Operator Overview:
The construct step operator, which is actually a misnamed general situation-model constructor, is used by the task to perform certain types of task-related comprehension. It adds objects, properties, or relations to the situation model, primarily containing visual information about the current step.

Operator Proposal:
The operator can be proposed from:
to mark that the NTD is the CMD or the RESP, or to mark the step's status as pending.
to record the countdown clock time as part of the launch.
to note that a step is missing its TIME field, and later to add in an interpolated TIME value from the adjacent steps.

Operator Application:
The operator is always applied in the top space, and results in the necessary changes to the situation model.

Operator Reconsider:
The operator terminates when the situation model includes all of the revisions given as arguments of the operator.
Proposed in a number of places, but implemented generically in the file: generic.soar6