15-853: Algorithms in the Real World (Guy Blelloch)

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Topic Outline

  • Protocols
  • One-way hash functions
  • Digital signatures
  • Public key protocols
  • Authentication
  • Block and stream algorithms (symmetric)
  • DES (government standard)
  • Blowfish (used in Nautilus and PGPfone)
  • IDEA (used in PGP)
  • RC4 (used in Netscape)
  • Public-key algorithms (asymmetric)
  • Knapsack algorithms
  • RSA
  • Rabin and ElGamal
  • Elliptic curve cryptosystems
  • Applications
  • PGP (pretty good privacy)
  • Kerberos
  • Digital Cash
  • (*) topics will only be covered briefly

    Scribe Notes

  • Cryptography 1 (draft) (Tzu-Yi Chen)
  • Cryptography 2 (draft) (David Oppenheimer)
  • Cryptography 3 (draft) (Marat Boshernitsan)
  • Readings

  • Introduction to Cryptography. A good online intro with several useful links.
  • Bruce Schneier, Applied Cryptography , Wiley, 1996.
  • Chapter 19 (Public Key Algorithms)
  • Chapter 24 (Example Implementations)
  • Recommended Text Books

  • Bruce Schneier, Applied Cryptography , Wiley, 1996.
    Covers a very broad set of topics and is very good on the applied side. Given the rapid progress of the field, the 2nd Edition is already out of date (e.g. it does not cover Rijndael algorithm, which is now the AES government standard).
  • Douglas R. Stinson. Cryptography: Theory and Practice. CRC Press, 1995.
    This book has significantly more depth than Schneier's book, but does not have as much breadth. It covers the theory side significantly better than Schneier, but does not cover nearly as many algorithms and protocols.
  • Oded Goldreich Foundations of Cryptography: Basic Tools. Cambridge Univ. Press, 2001.
    This is the deepest book in terms of theory, and the best source for understanding the theory of cryptography. It is the first volume of a three volume series that Oded is writing.
  • Alfred J. Menezes, Paul C. van Oorschot and Scott A. Vanstone. Handbook of Applied Cryptography. CRC Press, 1996.
    All the chapters are available for free off of the web page. The book is written very much as a handbook and is therefore quite reasonable as a reference but not particularly good for first-time reading on the subject.
  • Others (alphabetic order)
  • Michael Rosing. Implementing Elliptic Curve Cryptography Manning Publications Company, 1998.
  • William Stallings . Cryptography and Network Security : Principles and Practice Prentice-Hall, 1998.
  • Further Readings and Links

  • General links
  • Ron Rivest's Cryptography and Security Page. Great list of commercial enterprises.
  • The International Cryptography page.
  • Quadralay's Cryptography Archive
  • Cryptography: The Study of Encryption (another archive).
  • Cryptography FAQ (from sci.crypt)
  • Cryptography FAQ (from RSA Data Security, Inc. ).
  • Another list ofCompanies.
  • Survey articles
  • T. Beth. Algorithm engineering for public key algorithms. IEEE Selected Areas of Communication, 1(4), 458--466, 1990.
  • E. F. Brickell and A. M. Odlyzko. Cryptanalysis: A survey of Recent Results. Proceedings of the IEEE, 76(5), 578--593, 1988.
  • W. Diffie. The first ten years of public key cryptography. IEEE proceedings, 76(5), 560--577, 1988.
  • J. Massey. An introduction to contemporary cryptology. IEEE proceedings, 76(5), 533--549, 1988.
  • Simmons (ed.). Contemporary Cryptology: the Science of Information Integrity. IEEE press, 1991.
  • R. L. Rivest. "Cryptology" in Handbook of Theoretical Computer Science, vol. A: Algorithms and Complexity, Elsevier and MIT Press (1990), 717-756.
  • Digital cash.
  • Millicent page.
  • List of propose protocols.
  • DES, Rijndael and other Block Ciphers.
  • The Rijndael Page by Vincent Rijmen (one of the two inventors). In Oct 2000 Rijndael became the new government (AES) standard for private key cryptography.
  • Bruce Schneier, Applied Cryptography, Wiley, 1995. Chapter 12, 13 and 14.
  • The Block Cipher Lounge lists the performance and weaknesses of various block ciphers.
  • J. T. Kohl. The evolution of the KERBEROS authentication service. (abstract).
  • Key Escrow Systems
  • A taxonomy and list of key escrow encryption systems.
  • The Politics of Encryption
  • What's HOT in Encryption

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