This page only has a small selection of papers, so please get in touch with the authors if you're looking for a different one.
  • Integrating Planning and Learning: The PRODIGY Architecture
    Manuela Veloso, Jaime Carbonell, Alicia Perez, Daniel Borrajo, Eugene Fink and Jim Blythe
    Journal of Theoretical and Experimental Artificial Intelligence, 7(1), 1995.
  • FLECS: Planning with a Flexible Commitment Strategy.
    Manuela Veloso and Peter Stone
    Journal of AI Research (JAIR), 3, 1995.
  • SCS Technical reports
  • Papers in EWSP 95, the European Workshop on Planning.
  • Papers in AIPS 94, the Second AI Planning Systems Conference
  • Papers in the AAAI Fall Symposium, "Planning and Learning: onto Real Applications

  • Papers in AIPS 96

    Planning While Learning Operators, Mei Wang

    Event-Based Decompositions for Reasoning about External Change in Planners, Jim Blythe

    papers in EWSP 95

    The footprint principle for heuristics for probabilistic planners, Jim Blythe

    Formalizing the Prodigy Planning Algorithm, Eugene Fink and Manuela Veloso
    An extended version is available as technical report CMU-CS-94-123.

    Selectively Delaying Linking Commitments in Partial-Order Planners, Rujith de Silva

    User-Guided Interleaving of Planning and Execution Peter Stone and Manuela Veloso

    papers in the Fall Symposium 94

    Planning and Learning: on to Real Applications

    Some of these aren't linked yet - contact the authors for copies.

  • Incremental Learning of Control Knowledge for Improvement of Planning Efficiency and Plan Quality, Daniel Borrajo and Manuela Veloso
  • Applying an General-Purpose Planning and Learning Architecture to Process Planning, Yolanda Gil and M. Alicia Perez
  • Route Planning and Learning from Experimentation, Karen Haigh, Jonathan Shewhcuk and Manuela Veloso
  • Learning to Solve Complex Planning Problems: Finding Useful Auxiliary Problems, Peter Stone and Manuela Veloso
  • Learning by Observation and Practice: Towards Real Applications of Planning systems , Xuemei Wang and Jaime Carbonell

  • papers in AIPS94

    Held in Chicago in June 94.

    Control Knowledge to Improve Plan quality M. Alicia Perez and Jaime Carbonell

    The Need for Different Domain-Independent Heuristics, Peter Stone, Manuela Veloso and Jim Blythe.

    Linkability: Examining Causal Link Commitments in Partial-Order Planning, Manuela Veloso and Jim Blythe.

    Learning Planning Operators by Observation and Practice, Mei Wang.

    technical reports

    This list is certainly not exhaustive..

    CMU-CS-95-175 (Not available on-line)
    Learning Search Control Knowledge to Improve Plan Quality
    Maria Alicia Perez
    Ph.D. Thesis
    July 1995
    275 pages

    Systematic Approach to the Design of Representation-Changing Algorithms
    Eugene Fink
    February 1995
    36 pages

    Prodigy Planning Algorithm
    Eugene Fink, Manuela Veloso
    March 1994

    Automated Acquisition of Control Knowledge to Improve the Quality of Plans
    M. Alicia Perez, Jaime G. Carbonell
    April 1993
    33 pages
    Integrating Reactive and Deliberative Planning for Agents
    Jim Blythe, W. Scott Reilly
    May 1993
    25 pages

    CMU-CS-92-124 (compressed)
    DYNAMIC: A New Role for Training Problems in EBL
    M. Alicia Perez, Oren Etzioni
    March 1992

    Prodigy 4.0: The Manual and Tutorial
    Jaime G. Carbonell, Jim Blythe, Oren Etzioni, Yolanda Gil, Robert Joseph, Dan Kahn, Craig Knoblock, Steven Minton, Alicia Perez, Scott Reilly, Manuela Veloso, Xuemei Wang
    June 1992


    CMU-CS-92-174 (Unavailable via ftp)
    Learning by Analogical Reasoning in General Problem Solving
    Manuela M. Veloso
    Ph.D. Thesis
    August 1992

    CMU-CS-92-175 (Unavailable via ftp)
    Acquiring Domain Knowledge for Planning by Experimentation
    Yolanda Gil
    Ph.D. Thesis
    August 1992

    CMU-CS-91-120 (Unavailable via ftp)
    Automatically Generating Abstractions for Problem Solving
    Craig Alan Knoblock
    Ph.D. Thesis
    May 1991
    196 pages

    CMU-CS-91-139 (Unavailable via ftp)
    Multiagent planning in Prodigy
    M. Alicia Perez
    May 1991
    33 pages

    CMU-CS-91-179 (Unavailable via ftp)
    A Specification of Manufacturing Processes for Planning
    Yolanda Gil
    August 1991
    40 pages

    The Deliberative Integration of Planning, Execution, and Learning
    Daniel R. Kuokka
    Ph.D. Thesis
    May 1990

    A Structural Theory of Explanation-Based Learning
    Oren Etzioni
    Ph.D. Thesis
    December 1990

    Explanation-Based Learning: A Problem-Solving Perspective
    Steven Minton, Jaime Carbonell, Craig Knoblock, Daniel R. Kuokka, Oren Etzioni, Yolanda Gil
    January 1989

    Tractable Decision-Analytic Control: An Expanded Version
    Oren Etzioni
    February 1989

    Prodigy 2.0: The Manual and Tutorial
    Steven Minton, Craig A. Knoblock, Daniel R. Kuokka, Yolanda Gil, Robert L. Joseph, Jaime G. Carbonell
    May 1989

    PRODIGY: An Integrated Architecture for Planning and Learning
    Jaime G. Carbonell, Craig A. Knoblock, Steven Minton
    October 1989

    Nonlinear Problem Solving Using Intelligent Casual-Commitment
    Manuela M. Veloso
    December 1989