Cognitive Triggers

Currently, PRODIGY uses a set of "triggers" that represent ForMAT stimuli to which it responds. The set constitutes the "cognitive interface," as opposed to the communication interface, under which the systems operate. Although at this time neither a full model of the operations of the ForMAT program, nor a cognitive model of the deployment planner (ForMAT user) exists, this set of triggers represents a prolegomenon to such development.

Instead, PRODIGY knows a subset of ForMAT commands. When the front-end to PRODIGY-Analogy detects one of these commands from ForMAT, the command unintelligently triggers an intelligent response.

The current set of triggers is as follows:

(case ForMAT-Command
  (mark-tasks-completed (first arguments))
  (destination-suggestions arguments)
  (make-similar-case-suggestions ForMAT-action t)
  (more-destination-suggestions arguments)
  (multiple-destination-suggestions arguments)
  (yet-another-destination-suggestion arguments)
 ((:add-fm-feature :change-feature-value)
  (final-destination-suggestion arguments)


Last Edited: July 25, 1996