Demonstration Suggestions

Prodigy-Analogy provides the following types of suggestions to the ForMAT user (see sample ForMAT Task Window):

  1. The goals of the new situation are similar to the goals of some number of stored plans.
  2. Change the values of DEST, DEST-CC, POD, and POD-CC to be near the specified geographical-location, e.g., Bosnia.
  3. Remove unnecessary FMs (e.g., hawks).
  4. Add a force (e.g., military-police) to support a new goal.
  5. Substitute comparable forces, e.g., (replace F-15 with A10a).
  6. Ask the ForMAT user to generate a ForMAT query to retrieve forces that can support unsatisfied goals (e.g., secure town center).


Last Edited: August 16, 1996