PRODIGY Feedforward Control

The PRODIGY/Analogy system takes as input as set of ForMAT commands and produces as output suggestions to the ForMAT user. If the input command is a set of saved deployment goals, PRODIGY translates these goals to its own representation in the force deployment domain. The resultant goals serve two purposes. They are used to form a generative plan (i.e., one derived from scratch) to assure that the goals are legitimate (see also resultant goal tree). If the planning process is successful, then the Analogy component of PRODIGY/Analogy uses the translated goals to retrieve a set of previous deployment plans. These previous plans (cases) will have deployment goals most similar to the current problem's goals. The old plans are then passed back to ForMAT to be displayed as suggested models when developing a deployment plan that matches the user's needs.


Last Edited: July 26, 1996