Projects Using Amulet

In Fall, 1995, the "Introduction to UI Programming" course at Carnegie Mellon University was divided into eight groups, each of which used Amulet to create a system. The course was taught by Brad Myers and Jim Morris.

The projects were:

A drawing editor, by Jesse Donaldson, Bryan Nagy, and Katherine Mary Smith. picture

A game called "Caligura", by Gen Utsumi and Sang Jin Kwon. picture

A VCR interface by Doug Blair, Santosh Mathan, and Doug Brams. picture

Another VCR interface, by Bill Moher and Jeffrey Eaton. picture

A third VCR interface, by Chris Connors and William Barry. picture

A game of world conquest, by Roger Wang, Chris Grimes, Dan Root, and Ross Fubini. picture

A graphical interface to the Unix file system, by Jesse Jongsukvarakul, Rawesak Tanawongsuwan, and Won Yoo. picture

An interactive map, by Xiaoltu Gao and Young Min Kwon. picture

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