Navlab: The Carnegie Mellon University Navigation Laboratory

The CMU Navlab group builds computer-controlled vehicles for automated and assisted driving. Since 1984, we have built a series of robot cars, vans, SUVs, and buses. More recent researches of Navlab expand to smart infrastructure, focusing on machine vision application and affordable sensors. Current projects include:

People of Navlab

Historical Videos

  1. Docking Navlab 11 to 3cm without special infrastructure (Rob MacLachlan & Christoph Mertz) [mpg]
  2. Driving Navlab 11 remotely with PdaDriver (Terry Fong & Jay Gowdy) [mpg]
  3. Navlab 85 to 97 [mpg]
  4. Pedestrian Detection (Liang Zhao) [mpg]
  5. Optical flow detection of overtaking vehicles [mpg]
  6. Radar ghost target rejection by fusion with video [mpg]
  7. Long-range obstacle detection by stereo video (Todd Williamson) [mpg]
  8. Fusion of radar targets with lane map and corresponding map result [mpg]