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Compression/Archiving Software


   9660_u/    9660_u: ISO-9660 CD-ROM Utilities
   arc/       ARC: Archiving and Compression Program
   arj/       ARJ: Archiving and Compression Program
   bbedit/    BBEdit: Text editor for the Macintosh
   dms/       DMS: Compression and Archiving Program
   flip/      FLIP: Does newlines conversions between UNIX and 
   gnutar/    GNU Tar: Archiving Program
   gzip/      GZIP: Compression Program
   lha/       LHA: Compression and Archiving Program
   mac/       Macintosh Archiving and Compression Programs
   pak/       Archiving and Compression Programs
   patch/     Patch: Larry Wall's Patch Program
   pax/       PAX: Portable Archive Interchange
   shar/      SHAR: Shell Archiving Program
   tar/       Archiving Program
   techinfo/  texinfo
   uu/        UUENCODE and UUDECODE: ASCII to Binary and vice 
   zip/       ZIP: Compression and Archiving Program
   zoo/       ZOO: Compression and Archiving Program
This directory contains compression and archiving software (gzip, tar, etc.).
CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Keywords: Archiving Software, Compression Software, Utilities
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