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STk: R4RS Scheme with access to the Tk graphics package.

STk is a R4RS Scheme interpreter which can access the Tk graphical package. All of the commands defined by the Tk toolkit are available to the STk interpreter, and Tk variables are reflected back into Scheme as Scheme variables. Callback is expressed in Scheme. Includes a CLOS-like OO extension called STklos, which provides multiple inheritance, generic functions, multi methods, and a true meta-object protocol. A set of classes have been defined to manipulate Tk commands (menu, buttons, scales, canvas, canvas items) as Scheme objects. Based in part on SIOD.
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Version: 2.1 (12-JUN-94); 2.0 (4-JAN-94) Requires: Supports Tk 3.6. Ports: Mostly R4RS compliant. (Some number procedures are not implemented, over-simplified call/cc, symbol case is significant.) STk runs on Sparc (SUNOS 4.1.x), Dec 5xxx (Ultrix 4.2), SGI (Irix 4.05, 5.1.1), DEC Alpha, and Linux 1.0. Copying: TK/TCL -- Copyright 1992 Regents of the Univ. of California. SIOD -- Copyright 1988-92 Paradigm Associates Inc. Tiny CLOS -- Copyright 1992 Xerox Corporation STk -- Copyright 1993-94 by Erick Gallesio Use, copying, modification, and distribution permitted. CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Bug Reports: Erick Gallesio Mailing List: To subscribe to the mailing list, send a message with the word subscribe in the Subject field to Author(s): Erick Gallesio Universite de Nice - Sophia Antipolis ESSI - I3S Route des colles, BP 145 06903 Sophia Antipolis CEDEX, FRANCE, Tel: (33) 92-96-51-53 Fax: (33) 92-96-51-55 Keywords: Authors!Gallesio, GUI!Scheme, Graphics, HCI, Interpreters!Scheme, Programming Languages!Scheme, R4RS Compatible, SIOD, STk, Scheme!Implementations, Scheme!Linux, Scheme!UNIX, Tk Graphics Package, Univ. of Nice References: ?
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