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Schemers: Demo version of 3D Scheme for Windows from Schemer's Inc.

Schemers Inc. publishes software and textbooks that promote the use and advancement of Scheme in the educational and commercial sectors. This directory contains a demo version of 3D Scheme for Windows. 3DScheme for Windows v1.0 is a Windows-based R4RS Scheme interpreter incorporating over 450 geometrical Scheme primitives that access Spatial Technology Inc's ACIS (R) Geometric Modeling Kernel, the de facto industry standard in 3D modeling. The 3D modeling features include: - construction of solid bodies from blocks, cylinders, cone frustums, spheres, and toruses. - construction of wire-bodies from straight, circular, elliptical, Bezier, and spline edges. - construction of solids by extruding planar faces or profiles along a vector or revolving about an axis. - application of rigid transformations, uniform scaling, and boolean operations. - intersect, trim, fillet, and chain edges. - simultaneous views of solids from several different angles. - dynamically accepted event-driven input for picking, rubber banding, or dragging. - rendering of solids using flat or Gouraud technology and configurable refinements, materials, texture spaces, and render lights. - saving and loading collections of solid and wire entities from disk in .sat format. - outputting rendered images as high resolution bitmaps or Postscript files. 3DScheme is seamlessly integrated with the WinScheme Editor. 3DScheme also ships with the "Getting Started with Scheme" book. 3DScheme for Windows retails for $495. (Note: The WinScheme Editor is integrated into 3DScheme and does not need to be ordered separately.) Their other products include: + The WinScheme Editor v1.02, a Windows full-featured MDI editor for Scheme programs. $89.95. + EdScheme for Windows v4.2, a R4RS-compatibile Windows-based Scheme interpreter. $129.95 (includes WinScheme editor) + EdScheme for Macintosh v4.0, a R4RS-compatibile Macintosh-based Scheme interpreter. $59.95. + EdScheme for DOS v3.4, a DOS-based Scheme interpreter than incorporates a large subset of R4RS. $49.95. + "The Schemer's Guide" by Iain Ferguson with Edward Martin and Burt Kaufman, and foreword by Daniel Friedman. Excellent introduction to Scheme. $35.95. + "Getting Started with Scheme: Using the ACIS 3D Toolkit" by Edward Martin. $35.95 (Free with 3DScheme). For more information about these products, write to the address below.

   Direct from Terry Kaufman.

Version: 1.0 Requires: MS Windows 3.1 or later with 8MB RAM and 16MB of hard disk space Updated: Mon Jan 16 20:06:53 1995 CD-ROM: Contact: Schemers Inc. <> 2136 NE 68th Street, Suite 401 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308 Tel: 305-776-7376 Fax: 305-776-6174 Schemers' European distributor, Lambda Publications, is reachable by phone at 44-793-695296 or by email on Keywords: 3D Scheme, Demo Programs, Programming Languages!Scheme, Scheme!Implementations, Schemers Inc. Contains: ? References: ?
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