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PC Scheme: Scheme implementation for IBM PCs

PC-Scheme is a Scheme implementation originally written by Texas Instruments. This directory contains the version made freely distributable by TI. Note that the public version wasn't as powerful as the commercial version, which costs $95 and includes a reference manual and user guide. [The commercialized version is no longer available. See the note about Ibuki purchasing the rights below.] PC Scheme includes an optimizing compiler, an emacs-like editor, inspector, debugger, performance testing, foreign function interface, window system and an object-oriented subsystem. Conforms to the Revised^3 Report on Scheme. Also supports the dialect used in Abelson and Sussman's SICP. NOTE: Ibuki announced on July 13, 1992, that it has purchased the rights to PC Scheme from TI and intends to make it also available on 486 PCs and under Windows 3.1. This version should be better than either of the public versions and will be supported by Ibuki. For more information, contact IBUKI, PO Box 1627, Los Altos, CA 94022, phone 415-961-4996, fax 415-961-8016, email

Version: 3.03 Ports: Runs on MS-DOS 286/386 IBM PCs and compatibles. Version 3.0, the one that comes with the student edition, doesn't run on the 486, but the free upgrade (pcscm3_3.exe) works fine, as does the full version 3.03. Copying: Copyright (c) 1985-87 Texas Instruments Inc. Use, copying, and distribution is permitted, provided enhancements are returned to TI. (See the readme.txt file for details.) Updated: Thu Nov 10 23:20:11 1994 CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Bug Reports: Contact: Texas Instruments 12501 Research Boulevard, MS 2151 Austin, TX 78759 Tel: 1-800-TI-PARTS (TI Part number #2537900-0001) Keywords: Compilers!Scheme, Interpreters!Scheme, PC Scheme, Programming Languages!Scheme, Scheme!IBM PC, Scheme!Implementations, Texas Instruments References: ?
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