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PC Scheme extensions: Extensions to PC Scheme by Carl W. Hoffman

This directory contains several extensions to PC Scheme written by Carl W. Hoffman. The extensions include clcp.tar Common Lisp Compatibility Package Includes R3RS functions missing from Scheme, macros (DEFMACRO, DOTIMES, DOLIST, DEFUN, SETQ, SETF, PUSH, POP, INCF, DECF, DESCRIBE, ARGLIST), FORMAT, WARN, ERROR, streams and I/O, sequence and list functions epsilon.tar Lisp mode for Epsilon, customized for PC Scheme. r3rs.tar Adds some of the optional features of R3RS to PC Scheme.

Version: 10-SEP-90 Copying: Copyright (c) 1990 Carl W. Hoffman. Use, copying, distribution, and modification permitted for non-commercial use. Updated: Thu Nov 10 23:19:44 1994 CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Author(s): Carl W. Hoffman 363 Marlborough Street Boston, MA 02115 Fax: 617-262-4284 Keywords: Authors!Hoffman, CLCP, Epsilon Lisp Mode, PC Scheme, Programming Languages!Scheme, R3RS Compatible, Scheme!Common Lisp Compatibility, Scheme!Implementations, Scheme!Macros References: ?
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