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Summaries and interesting notes about Scheme-related stuff.

This directory contains summaries and other notes of general interest posted to various newsgroups and mailing lists related to Scheme. church.txt Notes on Church Numerals. interval.txt Interval arithmetic and numerical gotcha's. schools.txt Terry Kaufman's list of colleges, universities, and secondary schools using Scheme in their curricula. scmimpls.txt An old list of Scheme implementations compiled by Jonathan Rees. This list is superseded by the Scheme FAQ. scm2cpp.txt Translations from Scheme to C++ by Gary T. Leavens. tigger.txt A poem about Scheme.
Copying: Free use, copying, distribution Updated: Thu Oct 6 19:59:54 1994 CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Mailing List: none Author(s): Terry Kaufman <> Keywords: Authors!Kaufman, Authors!Leavens, Church Numerals, Interval Arithmetic, Scheme Schools, Scheme to C++, Scheme!Documents, Scheme!Quick Reference Guide References: ?
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