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SPS: Semantic Prototyping System

This directory contains the Semantic Prototyping System (SPS). SPS is a suite of programs, written in Scheme, for rapid prototyping and testing of language definitions written using denotational semantics. It consists of an ML-style type checker for a large subset of Scheme, along with an LL(1) parser and transducer generator.

Version: 1.6.01 (25-MAR-93) Ports: Chez Scheme, MIT Scheme CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Mailing List: Send Dr. Wand E-mail to let him know you've gotten a copy, so he can send updates if any. Contact: Mitchell Wand College of Computer Science Northeastern University 360 Huntington Avenue #161CN Boston, MA 02115 Tel: 617-373-2072 Fax: 617-373-5121 Keywords: Authors!Wand, Denotational Semantics, Northeastern University, Parser Generator, SPS, Scheme!Code, Semantic Prototyping System, Transducer Generator, Type Checking References: ?
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