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IO: Scheme code dealing with input and output routines.


   adobe/     Adobe: Portable 2d gray-scale graphics package 
              for Scheme.
   chez_syb/  ChezSybase: A Chez Scheme interface to the Sybase 
   format/    Scheme implementation of Common Lisp's FORMAT.
   pathname/  Scheme code for manipulating pathnames 
   polyclip/  PolyClip: Scheme implementation of the 
              Sutherland-Hodgmann polygon clipping algorithm.
   pp/        PP: Pretty printer for Scheme
   sockets/   NetGlue: Implementation of TCP and UDP sockets 
              for Scheme->C.
This directory contains a variety of Scheme programs for dealing with input and output operations in Scheme.
CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Keywords: IO, Input, Output, Scheme!Code, Scheme!IO
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