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Scheme code related to partial evaluation, metacircular evaluation, compilation, and so on.


   blond/     BLOND: Non-reflective simulator of a reflective 
   compil/    COMPIL: A small, optimizing Scheme compiler.
   cpst/      CPST: Left-to-right call-by-value CPS 
   lambda/    Lambda: Interprete de lambda-calcul
   log_scm/   LogScheme: Metacircular evaluator for a logical 
              extension of Scheme.
   pass2/     Pass2: Second pass of the Scheme 313 compiler
   peval/     PEVAL: A toy partial evaluator
   plscm/     PLScheme: Virtual machine and compiler for 
   romanenk/  Menu-driven partial evaluation systems by 
   semant/    SEMANT: Scheme semantics
   sestoft/   Partial evaluator for a first-order Scheme subset
This directory contains Scheme code that is related to various facets of evaluation and compilation, including partial evaluation, metacircular evaluators, interpreters for languages embedded in Scheme, etc.
CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Keywords: Eval, Partial Evaluation, Scheme!Code
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