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XScheme: Graphical Scheme debugger

XScheme is a graphical Scheme debugger based on STk (Scheme Tk interface) and was developed for cs169 Software Engineering class of 1994 at University of California at Berkeley. The features of this release include: * Breakpoints on any subexpression of a closure -- stop evaluation before that subexpression is evaluated. Set break, remove break enable/disable break operations can be done both interactively from Break point manager window, Expression viewer or scheme prompt, as well as from code. * Self-evaluating watch expressions, that provide monitoring of arbitrary expressions with various scope and evaluation options. * Abitily to install custom viewers that provide a specialized view at any scheme data. These viewers must confirm to a common interface and can be attached to any watch expression so the value of that watch expression is displayed with this specified viewer. * A number of viewer is provided with this release: - expression viewer, shows data in textual notation, pretty printed with color coded keywords. - Box-n-Pointer Viewer, shows data in Box and Pointer notation, with a cons cell represented as a box with two pointers for car and cdr. - Environment Viewer, a specialized viewer to display the current binings of any given environment, and its parent environments. * Evaluation Monitor: provides display of the location of evaluation when a breakpoint occurs and displays current local bindings at that point. * Help system. It provides a set of indexed entries that can be expanded easily by loading a new text module and regestering. Help screens can use custom fonts, sizes and formatting. No colors are supported yet, but can be added with minimum effort.

Version: 0.2 Requires: STk 2.1b2 or later. Copying: Use, copying, modification, and distribution permitted. CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Author(s): RND-SyS -- Dmitry Serebrennikov, Nikolay Stolin, Khang Kim Dao, Nam Nguyenn, Mike Rogoff Keywords: Authors!Dao, Authors!Nguyenn, Authors!Rogoff, Authors!Serebrennikov, Authors!Stolin, Debuggers, LINT for Scheme@{{\tt lint} for Scheme}, Scheme!Code, Scheme!Debuggers, XScheme References: ?
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