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Tricia Prolog: Edinburgh-style Prolog for Macintosh (and UNIX).

Tricia is a free Edinburgh-style Prolog developed by the Computing Science Department at Uppsala University. It includes a high-level emulator with interpreter. The Macintosh version includes only a basic console interface (i.e., no fancy Macintosh interface).
   A copy is also available in the directory
   on the Andrew File System, or by anonymous ftp from

Version: 0.9.5 d29 (20-OCT-93) Requires: The Macintosh version 0.9.5 requires System 7, a 68020 or better, and 3mb of RAM from the Finder. Version 0.9b should run on a Macintosh SE. Ports: Runs on Macintosh, Sun3, Sun4, Apollo DN-3500/4500/5500 (OS version 10.*) and HP-730. Copying: Public Domain. CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Bug Reports: Author(s): Jonas Barklund Monika Danielsson, Jan Gabrielsson, Per Mildner, Per-Eric Olsson and Jan Wnsche. The compiler was kindly contributed by Mats Carlsson. Contact: Uppsala University Tricia project Computing Science Department Box 520 S-751 20 UPPSALA, Sweden Fax: +46-18-521270 Keywords: Authors!Barklund, Authors!Carlsson, Compilers!Prolog, Edinburgh, Interpreters!Prolog, Programming Languages!Prolog, Prolog!Implementations, Prolog!Macintosh, Prolog!UNIX, Public Domain, Tricia Prolog, Uppsala University References: ?
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