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PCN: Program Composition Notation

PCN (Program Composition Notation) is a system for developing and executing parallel programs. It is not a logic programming language, but it has similarities to Strand and other concurrent logic programming languages. PCN provides a simple language for specifying concurrent algorithms, interfaces to Fortran and C, a portable toolkit that allows applications to be developed on a workstation or small parallel computer and run unchanged on supercomputers, and integrated debugging and performance analysis tools. PCN includes a runtime system, compiler, linker, a set of standard libraries, virtual topology tools, a symbolic debugger (PDB), an execution profiler (Gauge), and a trace analysis tool (Upshot). PCN was developed at Argonne National Laboratory and the California Institute of Technology.

Version: 2.0 (2-FEB-93) Ports: PCN runs on Sun4, NeXT, IBM RS/6000, SGI Iris, Intel iPSC/860, Intel Touchstone DELTA, Sequent Symmetry running Dynix (not PTX), and should be easy to port to other architectures. Copying: Public domain. CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Author(s): Ian Foster 708-252-4619 Steve Tuecke 708-252-8711 Contact: Ian Foster Mathematics and Computer Science Division Argonne National Laboratory Argonne, IL 60439 Tel: 708-252-4619 Keywords: ANL, Authors!Foster, Authors!Tuecke, Compositional Programming, Modular Programming, Multilingual Programming, PCN, Parallel Processing, Programming Languages!Parallel Prolog, Prolog!Implementations, Public Domain Contains: pcn_v20.tar.gz PCN release version 2.0 doc.tar.gz The reference manual and paper preprint (PS and LaTeX) References: The distribution includes tech reports describing the PCN implementation, compiler, and some applications, as well as the following: Ian Foster and Steven Tuecke, "Parallel Programming with PCN Version 2.0", Technical Report ANL-91/32, Argonne National Laboratory, 1991. [Provides all the information required to develop parallel programs with the PCN programming system. Includes both the tutorial and the reference manual.] Ian Foster, Robert Olson, and Steven Tuecke, "Productive Parallel Programming: The PCN Approach", Scientific Programming 1:51-66, 1992. [A preprint that gives an overview of the Virtual Topology (VT) tools which are new to PCN version 2.0, and a few examples of their use.]
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