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AKL: Andorra Kernel Language, a concurrent constraint programming language.

AKL (Andorra Kernel Language) is a concurrent constraint programming language that supports both Prolog-style programming and committed choice programming. Its control of don't-know nondeterminism is based on the Andorra model, which has been generalized to also deal with nondeterminism encapsulated in guards and aggregates (such as bagof) in a concurrent setting. The Basic Andorra Model is a way to execute definite clause programs that allows dependent and-parallelism to be exploited transparently. It also supports nice programming techniques for search programs. The idea is to first reduce all goals that match at most one clause. When no such goal exists, any goal (e.g., the left-most) may be chosen. The BAM was proposed by David H. D. Warren, and his group at Bristol has developed an AND-OR parallel implementation called Andorra-I, which also supports full Prolog. This implementation of the AKL Programming System (AKL/PS) consists of a compiler from AKL to PAM, a Prototype Abstract Machine for AKL, and an emulator for PAM written in C.

Version: 0.9 (9-NOV-93) Requires: C Copying: Copyright (C) 1990-1993, Swedish Institute of Computer Science CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Bug Reports: Author(s): Sverker Janson, Johan Bevemyr, Kent Boortz, Per Brand, Bjorn Carlson, Bjorn Danielsson, Torkel Franzen, Seif Haridi, Johan Montelius, Peter Olin, Dan Sahlin, and Thomas Sjoland Contact: Sverker Janson The Concurrent Constraint Programming Group Swedish Institute of Computer Science Box 1263 S-164 28 KISTA Sweden Tel: +46-8-752-1572 Fax: +46-8-751-7230 Keywords: AKL, Andorra Kernel Language, Authors!Bevemyr, Authors!Carlson, Authors!Janson, BAM, CCP, PAM, Programming Languages!Parallel Prolog, Prolog!Implementations, SICS References: Some of the following papers are included in the distribution. PostScript files are in A4 format. Basic Andorra Model: Seif Haridi and Per Brand, "Andorra Prolog, an integration of Prolog and committed choice languages", in Proceedings of the FGCS 1988, ICOT, Tokyo, 1988. Vitor Santos Costa, David H. D. Warren, and Rong Yang, "Two papers on the Andorra-I engine and preprocessor", in Proceedings of the 8th ICLP. MIT Press, 1991. Steve Gregory and Rong Yang, "Parallel Constraint Solving in Andorra-I", in Proceedings of FGCS'92. ICOT, Tokyo, 1992. Andorra Kernel Language (AKL): Sverker Janson and Seif Haridi, "Programming Paradigms of the Andorra Kernel Language", in Proceedings of the International Logic Programming Symposium (ILPS-91), MIT Press, 1991. Torkel Franzen, "Logical Aspects of the Andorra Kernel Language", SICS Research Report R91:12, Swedish Institute of Computer Science, 1991. Torkel Franzen, Seif Haridi, and Sverker Janson, "An Overview of the Andorra Kernel Language", In LNAI (LNCS) 596, Springer-Verlag, 1992. Sverker Janson, Johan Montelius, and Seif Haridi, "Ports for Objects in Concurrent Logic Programs", in Research Directions in Concurrent Object-Oriented Programming, MIT Press, 1993 (forthcoming).
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