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Prolog Library: A collection of Prolog programs from the defunct Prolog-Hackers mailing list.

This directory contains a collection of Prolog programs from the now-defunct Prolog Hackers mailing list. Fernando Pereira maintained the collection. Many of the programs are over 10 years old. The programs were originally tested on DEC-10s and DEC-20s with the Edinburgh Prolog system. Compatibility with modern Prologs has not been tested, but most of the programs should run with only minor changes. Some of the files in this package have been duplicated elsewhere in the Prolog Repository, but we felt it was important to retain the package intact despite the duplication. The library includes implementations of trace, advice, macro expansion, gensym, heaps, sorting, queues, random number generators, set manipulation routines, splay trees, binary trees, and association lists. There's also an implementation of Mackworth's AC-3 algorithm, several debuggers, a Prolog parser, a top-level loop, graph processing utilities, a metacircular interpreter for Prolog, a program for converting formulae in FOPC to clausal form, a translator from Definite Clause Grammars to Prolog, a compiler for Flat Concurrent Prolog, routines for structure crunching, a rational arithmetic package, an algebraic expression simplifier, a pretty printer, tutorial programs, cross-referencing programs, a Prolog lint, and a Prolog type checker. The library also includes the ECRC benchmarks, the WGSYM (Information Processing Society of Japan) Lisp/Prolog benchmarks, and the Tektronix/Portland State University benchmarks. Among the documents are the user's manual for Edinburgh Prolog on the DEC-10, the original Scribe draft manuscript for a Prolog standard by O'Keefe, and a few bibliographies.
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   Originally from the (now-defunct) Prolog-Hackers mailing list.

Version: 21-AUG-90 CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Keywords: AC3, Advice, Algebraic Expression Simplifier, Arithmetic, Association Lists, Benchmarks!Prolog, Binary Trees, Cross-Referencing, Debuggers, FOPC, Gensym, Graph Processing Utilities, Heaps, LINT for Prolog@{{\tt lint} for Prolog}, Macro Expansion, Meta-Circular Interpreter!Prolog, Parsing, Pretty Printing, Prolog!Benchmarks, Prolog!Code, Prolog!Parsing, Prolog!Standards, Prolog!Tutorials, Queues, Random Number Generators, Set Manipulation, Sorting, Splay Trees, Standards!Prolog, Top-Level Loop, Trace, Type Checking References: ?
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