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WCL: Wade's CL, a shared library implementation of Common Lisp

WCL is an implementation of Common Lisp for Sparc based workstations. WCL provides a large subset of Common Lisp as a Unix shared library that can be linked with Lisp and C code to produce efficient and small applications. For example, the executable for a Lisp version of the canonical ``Hello World!'' program requires only 40k bytes under SunOS 4.1 for SPARC. WCL provides CLX R5 as a shared library, and comes with PCL and a few other utilities. The binary for wgdb is included in the sunos4 binary distribution.
   as the files wcl2.2-solaris*, wcl2.2-sunos4*, and
   wgdb4.2-sunos4* as the files
      wcl-2.14.tar.Z    WCL distribution, including CLX and PCL
      wgdb-4.2.tar.Z    GDB debugger modified to grok WCL
      gcc-2.1.tar.Z     GNU C compiler

Version: 2.2 (15-JUL-94); 2.14 Requires: Sparc; Solaris or SunOS 4. Any version of GCC 2.x may be used with WCL 2.2. Version 2.14 of WCL requires GCC 2.1 (2.2.2 doesn't work) Copying: Copyright (C) 1992 Wade L. Hennessey. Use, copying, modification, and distribution permitted. CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Bug Reports: Mailing List: (To be added to a mailing list for information about new releases.) Author(s): Wade Hennessey Contact: Keywords: Authors!Hennessey, Compilers!Lisp, Interpreters!Lisp, Lisp!Implementations, Lisp!UNIX, Programming Languages!Lisp, Shared Library Lisp, WCL, Wade's Common Lisp References: For further information on WCL, see the paper published in the proceedings of the 1992 Lisp and Functional Programming Conference, a copy of which appears in the wcl directory as, or look in the documentation directory of the WCL distribution.
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