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PowerLisp: Shareware Common Lisp for the Macintosh

PowerLisp is a Common Lisp development environment for the Macintosh. It consists of a Common Lisp interpreter, native-code 680x0 compiler, 680x0 macro assembler, disassembler, incremental linker and multi-window text editor. PowerLisp has the ability to run in the background. While executing a Common Lisp program, the user may switch to another application as it continues to run. You can also edit programs while a Common Lisp program is running. PowerLisp is targeted to be compatible with CTLTL2 without CLOS (for now) but some Common Lisp functions are not yet implemented. Upcoming versions should include the remaining language features. Documentation in Word and MacWrite format and sample programs/source included. The file is encoded with BinHex4.0 and StuffIt 3.07.

   America Online and Genie
   as the file powerlisp1.01.sit.hqx

Version: 1.10 (); 1.01 (6-SEP-93) Requires: Macintosh with at least a 68020 processor (any Mac except a Plus, SE or Classic). System 7.0 or later. 2mb RAM minimum (6mb recommended; the more the merrier) Copying: Shareware ($50) CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Bug Reports: Author(s): Roger Corman or (RogerC34 on America Online) 2124 Cummings Drive Santa Rosa, CA 95404 Tel: 707-575-4024 (days) 707-528-3321 (eves/wknd) Fax: 707-528-7477 Keywords: Authors!Corman, Compilers!Lisp, Interpreters!Lisp, Lisp!Implementations, Lisp!Macintosh, PowerLisp, Programming Languages!Lisp References: ?
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