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MCL: Information about Macintosh Common Lisp

Macintosh Common Lisp is a commercial Common Lisp implementation for the Apple Macintosh. It includes a native CLOS, Macintosh Toolbox/interface toolkit, ephemeral garbage collection, incremental compiler, window-based debugger, source-code stepper, object inspector, emacs-style editor, and a foreign function interface. With MCL version 2.0, Apple has started distributing a CD-ROM which contains, among other things, a large collection of Lisp code, complete MCL manuals in an online-browser format, the CLIM 1.0 manual in TeX and postscript, and copies of Gambit 1.8 Scheme, SIOD 2.8 Scheme, Pixie Scheme, and a demo version of MacScheme. MCL is available from APDA for $495. For more information, contact APDA Apple Computer Inc. 20525 Mariani Avenue, MS 33-G Cupertino, CA 95014-6299 Tel: 1-800-282-2732 (US), 1-800-637-0029 (Canada), 1-408-562-3910 Fax: 1-408-562-3971 Telex:171-576 or CLIM for MCL is available for $495 as a separate product from Lucid, Inc. 707 Laurel Street Menlo Park, CA 94025 Tel: 415-329-8400 Fax: 415-329-8480 E-mail: Included in this directory is a copy of the MCL FAQ posting from 22-JUN-94.
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Version: 2.0 Requires: Mac+ or higher with 4mb RAM and system software 6.0.4 or later or AUX 3.0 Copying: Commercial product. Updated: Thu Sep 22 22:39:51 1994 CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Bug Reports: Mailing List: comp.lang.lisp.mcl newsgroup The newsgroup is gatewayed to the mailing list and archived on The mailing list is similar to info-mcl, but sends out an automatically generated digest format version of the list. To subscribe to the info-mcl or other mailing lists based, send a message to with subscribe in the message body. Likewise use "unsubscribe " to cancel your subscription and "help" to get help. Keywords: Compilers!Lisp, Interpreters!Lisp, Lisp!Implementations, MCL, Programming Languages!Lisp References: ?
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