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TI Explorer Lisp Code

The Stanford Knowledge Systems Lab's set of Explorer patches and tools. It includes the following: en.tgz News reader for Explorer. Talks to the NNTP daemon. Written by images.tgz Bitmaps of pictures. Set up a logical directory IMAGES:IMAGES; for them to help some of the code in the Window Systems Additions tool. jwz.tgz A set of tools written and collected by Jamie Zawinski. See the file "_readme.txt" in that directory for info. site.tgz The KSL SYS:SITE; directory containing the .SYSTEM files. sys_fix.tgz Patches to the Explorer system. tools.tgz Various extensions. See defsystems.lisp and tools.lisp for info.

CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Contact: Keywords: Authors!Zawinski, Lisp!Impl. Dependent Code, News Reader, TI Explorer References: ?
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