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PC Kimmo: Two-Level Processor for Morphological Analysis


   englex/    Englex: Morphological parsing lexicon of English 
              for use with PC-KIMMO
   kgen/      KGEN: Rule compiler for PC-Kimmo
   ktext/     KTEXT: Text Processor for Producing Morphological 
   pckimmo/   PC Kimmo: Two-Level Processor for Morphological 
   turklex/   TurkLex: PC-Kimmo specification for Turkish
PC-Kimmo is a new implementation of a program dubbed KIMMO after its inventor Kimmo Koskenniemi (see Koskenniemi 1983). The program is designed to generate (produce) and/or recognize (parse) words using a two-level model of word structure in which a word is represented as a correspondence between its lexical level form and its surface level form. PC-Kimmo includes descriptions for English, Finnish, Japanese, Hebrew, Kasem, Tagalog, and Turkish. This directory contains PC-Kimmo and several related utilities: + KGEN. A rule compiler for PC-Kimmo, written by Nathan Miles of Ohio State University. + KTEXT. A text processor that uses the PC-KIMMO parser to produce a morphological parse of each word in the text. + Englex. A 20,000 entry morphological parsing lexicon of English intended for use with PC-KIMMO and/or KTEXT.
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