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MORFOGEN: A Morphology Grammar Builder and Dictionary Interface Tool

This directory contains a demo version of MORFOGEN, a morphological rule compiler and dictionary interface tool. MORFOGEN consists of a finite state compiler, which converts inflectional and derivational paradigms into a finite state machine, and a recognizer, which accepts inflected forms as input and returns base forms (constrained by inflection class information in the lexicon) as well as any morphemes that matched during analysis. MORFOGEN can handle concatenative as well as non-concatenative morphology, and can be used for inflecting as well as agglutinating languages. Analyzers using MORFOGEN have been written for English, French, Spanish, Turkish, Japanese, Korean and Arabic.
Version: 7-OCT-91 Requires: IBM PC CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Author(s): Joseph E. Pentheroudakis Dan W. Higinbotham Executive Communication Systems, Inc. 455 North University Avenue Provo, Utah 84601 Tel: (801) 377-1167 Contact: Keywords: Authors!Higinbotham, Authors!Pentheroudakis, MORFOGEN, Morphological Rule Compiler, Morphology, NLP References: ?
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