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SYNONAME: Matches different versions of personal names

SYNONAME is a program for identifying possible forms of a single personal name, for using in matching different versions of personal names.

Requires: IBM PC Copying: Copyright (c) 1991 by The J. Paul Getty Trust Use, copying, and distribution for noncommercial purposes permitted. Recipients of SYNONAME (TM) must agree to report within three years of receipt on any uses they make of the software, in whole or in part, to the developer, the Getty Art History Information Program, an operating program of the J. Paul Getty Trust. CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Contact: The J. Paul Getty Trust 1875 Century Park East Suite 2300 Los Angeles, CA 90067-2561 USA Keywords: NLP, Names, SYNONAME References: ?
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