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Fonts for Natural Language Processing

This directory contains fonts for natural language processing, such as IPA fonts and other phonetic fonts. Cyrillic typefaces for Windows 3.1 (Normal, Bold, Italic, and Bold Italic). These fonts were created by Bill Tavolga for free distribution. See documentation for details. ipa_asci.txt Standard scheme for representing IPA transcriptions in ASCII, by Evan Kirshenbaum . (4-JAN-93) Includes summary. ipa_font.txt Information about IPA fonts. palphon.hqx Binhexed Compactor archive of the Macintosh TrueType font PalPhon (Palatino Phonetic). A set of Laserjet II/III fonts and Word Perfect printer drivers for typesetting phonetics, Greek, and Cyrillic, as well as the ordinary English alphabet. They are distributed free of charge by Timothy Montler of the University of North Texas. International Phonetic Alphabet fonts distributed free by SIL in TrueType and PostScript form. IPA12.bdf Oxford University Press IPA 12pt BDF font IPA14.bdf Oxford University Press IPA 14pt BDF font
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